All art projects are a complex process of creation, management and production, which involve and often require the participation of several professional areas.

At DMArtPro we unify our international experience and our experts network to ensure full service to art professionals and art lovers.

Thanks to our extensive international team of collaborators dedicated to this sector, coupled with years of legitimized work in galleries, museums and private collections, DMArtPro highlight for excellence and commitment to the art sector, from start to finish.

Dennys Matos is an independent art critic, curator, lecturer and essayist. He periodically publishes essays and articles on contemporary art in specialized magazines, catalogs and publications such as El Nuevo Herald, ART.Es, Arte y Parte, ArteAllimited, ArtNexus, ArteAldía Internacional, Input Magazine, etc. As an independent curator and project manager, he has participated at international art projects in USA, Spain, Cuba, Austria, Belgium and France with art galleries and institutions such as ARCO Madrid, Fototeca Nacional de Cuba, Ascaso Gallery, CAM Tampa, Durban Segnini Gallery, CCEMiami, Consorcio de Museos Valencia (Spain), Casa América Madrid, Instituto de Cultura Barcelona, Arte y Naturaleza Gespart and the Federal Ministry of Foreign Relations of Germany, among many others. He is an eminent lecturer, collaborating with private and academic institutions like Carleton College (Minneapolis), NYU, USF Tampa, Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Facultad BBAA Pontevedra, University of Giorgia, etc. His most recent book is ‘Landscapes. Metaphors of our time’ (Linkgua Editions. Barcelona, 2008).

Lorena Perez Rumpler is a multilingual cultural coordinator and communication manager with more than 15 years’ experience in the fine arts sector. Specialized in art events production, she has collaborated with art fairs and institutions such as Art Miami, PINTA NY/ Miami, CONTEXT Art Miami, ARCO Madrid and Art Palm Beach. As a co-curator and project coordinator, she has collaborated with international galleries and institutions like Palacio de la Virreina (Barcelona City Council), Casa América Madrid, Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Durban Segnini Miami/ Caracas, Arte y Naturaleza Gespart, CCEMiami, among others. Her expertise as a project manager for fine art and catalog printing, developing productions in USA, Spain, Germany, Austria and Brazil with renamed international artists, has given her the opportunity to cultivate a globalized vision of the international art market and its own cultural specifications.